Q&A(Frequently Asked Questions)

                      Our Company's Service

This Is Aftermarket Replacement Item But little Genuine  parts!

Q : What type of services do you offer here?
A : This is an EC site sells various kinds of  auto-parts of  cars. Mostly of them are hardly to obtain in the market now.
Our company has expanded into worldview services which includes Europe, North/South-America, Asia and Africa.

Q : Business hour
A : Monday-Friday 9:00-19:00
Q : Does your customer service support phone call or online chat?
A : Of course we do! We also provide What’s App Messenger Service. You are free to contact us via What’s app.
What’s app +8618520125256
  About Fee and Payment Methods

Q : What payment options you support?

    A : We accept PayPal and online bank transfer.

      Q : How to confirm my order after the payment?

        A : We will order your products from the manufacturer after the payment is clear. Please be assured we will contact you via e-mail when your order is ready to ship. In case, if you don’t receive our e-mail after you placed your order within 3 business days, please contact us by e-mail
          Q : Can you issue me a receipt?

            A : Of course! We could issue you a print-version invoice and send in your packages with your products.

              About Products confirmation

              Q : If the parts number change, how can I know whether the new parts will conform to my vehicle or not?

                A : Frequently speaking, parts with the new number is compatible with the old one. It won’t cause any problems during the installation; however you are always welcome to ask us if you still want to order the parts with old number.

                  Q : How to find out the vehicle information ?

                    A : Please send 17 vin(vehicle information)at rront glass or door

                      Q : How can I search the parts number ?

                        A :You can buy EPC or we will give you inquiry!.

                          Q : Are those parts you provided designed for Right-hand drive vehicles only ?

                            A : Yes, all the parts we sell are produced for  ALL market

                              Q : Can I buy discontinued products form you?

                                A : Generally, vehicle manufactures won’t produce brand new obsolete parts anymore. However, it’s still possible to find them in second-hand conditions depends on the situations.

                                  Q : Can you send me the pictures of the physical parts?

                                    A : We are able to send you some sample pictures to obverse the parts in certain cases. Specifications are subject to the physical products. Since we order the brand new products directly from the manufactures, we don’t have the pictures of the actual products on file.

                                      Q : Do you sell second hand or used items?

                                        A : It depends on the type of the products. Consumables such as rubber parts and gaskets are not offered in used conditions.

                                          Q : Do you provide cost estimation service for free?

                                            A : Yes, we do. We could estimate the exact cost for products you ordered as well as the shipping costs for you. (import tax is not included)

                                              About purchase question

                                              Q : What is the return and cancel policy?

                                                A : All products sold are no returnable, no refundable. However, exceptions may be made in cases where the buyer had a valid, inevitable reason for withdrawing such as quality issue, or damaged products. Please feel free to contact our customer service if you have a product quality issue. In addition, order can not be cancelled since the payment is made and the order is placed in the manufactures. We really appreciate for your understanding and cooperation.

                                                  Q : Is the price you listed online included the shipping costs?

                                                    A : The price we listed on our webpage is the “item price” only, but we do provide cost estimation service for free. After you send your inquiry to us, we will send you a confirmation e-mail with the total products prices and the shipping costs.

                                                      About Packaging Forwarding

                                                        Q : Which delivery options you provide?

                                                          A : We provide DHL, FedEx, and EMS. Please feel free to consult with us if you would like to choose other delivery methods.

                                                            Q : How long it will take for the package to arrive at my place?

                                                              A : Generally, the shipping will arrive in 3~7 business days for DHL and FedEx, 5~15 business days for EMS. In some countries, the customs clearance may be longer than expected. 

                                                                Q : How long my order will be ready to ship after the payment is clear?

                                                                  A :  we can ship your orders from china in 2~3 business days.